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QiXi Tibetan Buddhism App

QiXi is an app centered on Tibetan Buddhism. What sets it apart from traditional religious apps are its powerful features – for instance, users can virtually engage in Tibetan Buddha events and conveniently purchase valuable religious items directly through the app.

QiXi is a mobile application for Tibetan Buddhism with powerful features. It’s a must-download app for all Tibetan Buddhists. Here’s an overview of its key functions:

User Mobile App

Event Calendar
Event Admissions (Supports Multiple Participants)
Add to Cart (with preference selections)
Daily Check-in
Points and Voucher Rewards
Referral Reward System
Payment Gateway Integration – Stripe
Buddhist Scriptures Playlist

Admin Panel

Sales Analysis & Report
Event & Admission Management
Sales & Order Management
Customer Management
Product Management
Temple Management
Voucher Management
App Notification Management


A complex event enrollment system that had to accommodate users registering on behalf of others, and it required admin to respond and provide proof for each participant in every event.


We introduced a user-friendly interface and implemented solid coding logic to simplify the process for both users and administrators, allowing users to submit multiple applications in a single form. Additionally, we created a dedicated page for users to easily access and view the proofs uploaded by administrators, enhancing the overall user experience.

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