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Two Peck Crispy Chicken

Straight from Taiwan, Two Peck made its Malaysian debut in 2019, and it’s now boasting over 8 branches across the country!

As their family grows, Two Peck aims to bring you even closer. That’s where the Two Peck App steps in – It’s more than just chicken; it’s about community. Two Peck wants to know you, reward your loyalty, and make every visit memorable!

The Two Peck App is an all-encompassing system designed to cater to various parties, including end users, branch staff, and administrators. Here’s an overview of its key functions:

User Mobile App

Menu Showcasing
Add to Cart – with preference selections
Payment Gateway Integration – 2P2C
Delivery Integration – PandaGo
Wallet Functions
Member Tiers
Daily Check-in
Points & Vouchers Rewards

Admin Panel

Sales Analysis & Report
Sales & Order Management
Customers Management
Menu Management
Branch Management
Vouchers Management
App Notification Management

Staff Panel

Order Management
Menu Management


This project involves various roles, including the Merchant, Admin, and User Apps. Ensuring that everything stays on track and that every team member remains synchronized and aligned is crucial for its success.


Our experienced project manager is crucial in ensuring that our design and development teams work smoothly. With management tools, we monitor how our projects are progressing from time to time. The main goals are simple: to make sure everything gets done on time and to maintain the high quality of work.

Our clients can count on us not only to deliver on time but also to maintain the high-quality standards they expect from us.

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