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MEII Beauty Marketplace

MEII is leading a beauty and wellness revolution. They’ve brought the best salons and experiences to one online platform, creating a one-stop solution for the industry. Their aim is to build a relaxed and secure beauty community. When you book with MEII, just sit back and relax – they’ve got you covered.

Here are the key functions of MEII - Beauty Marketplace:

User Mobile App

Salon and Service Listings
Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Histories
User Profile
Payment Gateway Integration – iPay88

Admin Panel

Salon and Service Management
Appointment Management
Sales Management
Points and Rewards Management
User Management
Merchant Management
Staff Management
Data Analytics (Dashboard)

Staff Panel

Appointment Management
Calendar (Availability) Management
Customer Info


Addressing the individual shop details on MEII requires meticulous management, as each shop presents varying operating hours, services, and staffing needs.


A ‘Merchant Panel’ is developed to empower shop owners to oversee their shop information comprehensively. Furthermore, there’s a distinct ‘Staff Panel’, limiting staff’s actions to managing their personal appointments, schedules, and offered services. This ensures that merchants can update all aspects of their shop, while staff members focus on their specific responsibilities.

Understanding our customers’ requirements is always our first step in designing the system’s structure and flow. It’s the foundation of how we deliver professional and tailored solutions to our clients

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