Web Designer Salary in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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Some of you may be curious about the average salary of web designers in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The word “web designer” is widely used to address those who created websites.

Although it’s not completely wrong to describe web designers as website creators, web designers usually refer to those who take responsibility in the creation of the visual aspect of a website or web page. Generally speaking, what a web designer does is all about designs to ensure that the layout of a website is attractive while fully functioning. 

So, let’s see what’s the average salary of web designers in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Also, what are some reasons that might affect the salary of a web designer and how does the salary of a web designer compare to the salary of other professionals?

Average Salary of Web Designers in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The average salary of web designers in Malaysia is RM3,081 per month.

A fresh web designer can expect a minimum salary of RM1,500 per month, while the maximum salary for a web design expert is around RM7,000 per month in Malaysia.

However, the average salary of web designers in Johor Bahru is RM2460 per month, which is RM621 lower than the national web designers average salary. Despite the average salary of web designers in Johor Bahru being lower than the national web designers average salary, Johor Bahru is still one of the highest paying cities in Malaysia. This suggests that most regions in Malaysia have an average salary lower than the national average salary for web designers, with only a few exceptions. 

Cities with highest paying for web designers in Malaysia are mostly focused in Selangor, such as Petaling Jaya, Cheras, Puchong and Shah Alam. This is understandable as the price level in the capital city is relatively higher than other states. Hence, although lower than the national average salary, the average salary for web designers in Johor Bahru can be classified as high if compared to other regions.

Highest Paying Cities for Web Designers in Malaysia

CitiesAverage Salary (RM)
Petaling Jaya4,151
Kota Damansara3,690
Kuala Lumpur3,172
Shah Alam2,628
Johor Bahru2,460
Seri Kembangan2,416

Factors Affect The Salary

After looking at the average salary of a web designer in JB, let’s classify what are some factors that might directly or indirectly affect the salary paid.


Knowing that no matter what industry you are in, experience is the first thing that the employers will look at and determine whether you are qualified for the position. In general, the more experience you have, the more you will be paid.

For example, a designer who just graduated will get less paid as he/she has no any realistic experiences in this field and might waste more time on communicating with the customers to meet their needs.

That is, employers usually prefer to hire a web designer with more experience to avoid the time spent on each customer in order to promote the efficiency of the company.

In Johor Bahru, a web designer with less than 3 years experience usually refers to a junior web designer and will have an average RM2,000-RM2,500 monthly salary.

While the average salary for a senior web designer with more than 3 years experience is RM3,000 or higher per month.


Since web design is a professional job that requires some specific knowledge and technical skills to complete the project, the fundamental technical skills will somehow decide the salary being paid.

Different from other careers, web designers focus more on technical skills than interpersonal skills. The most common skills needed in this field included

These skills are necessary for a web designer to fulfil the task and if lack in any skills will subsequently affect the salary being paid. The statistics show that a person who is good at web design and Adobe Photoshop will most likely get higher pay compared to other skills. That is, you should pay more attention to your technical skills if you wish to get a higher salary.

Education level

As mentioned, web designers need to have relevant technical skills and knowledge to meet the job requirements and a certificate is what one can prove that he/she is qualified.

Hence, the salary of a web designer will depend on his/her education level. Within the graduates, most of them might have the certificate of diploma or bachelor’s degree, but only a very small part with the master’s degree.

Generally speaking, the higher the education level, the higher the salary. This means that even if two web designers have the same experience level, their salary will be different in terms of the education level. For instance, a web designer with a master’s degree will definitely get a higher pay than those only with a diploma because there is a gap in skills and knowledge.

Salary Compare to Other Professionals

The average salary in Johor Bahru in 2022 is around RM3,333 per month and this has been increased by years. This indicates that the salary of web designers in Johor Bahru (RM2,460) is lower than the average salary by RM873 and is far below from the average salary in Malaysia which is RM6,590 monthly.

On the other hand, comparing the salary of a web designer to other similar professionals in the industry, the result shows that the salary of a web designer is the second lowest.

The table below compares the salary of web developers, UI designers, UX designers, graphic designers, full stack developers and front end developers. Among them, full stack developers have the highest paid of average RM 4,033 per month followed by front end designers and web developers with RM 3,879 and RM3,568 respectively. In contrast, graphic designers have the lowest paid of RM2316 per month.

Although the salary of web designers in Johor Bahru is relatively low among the IT industry, it’s still considered as a high-paying job if compared to other industries.

Average Salary of Professionals in IT Industry (Johor Bahru)

Job TitlesAverage Salary (RM)
Full Stack Developer4,033
Front End Developer3,879
Web Developer3,568
UI Designer3,195
UX Designer2,797
Web Designer2,460
Graphic Designer2,316

Cost of Living in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Even if the income is high, it will still cause the income to make ends meet if the living expenses are high as well. In fact, no matter what the salary is, it will be considered as a good salary as long as it is sufficient to live. That is, the question of cost of living in Johor Bahru has become crucial.

Johor Bahru is one of the largest and most prosperous cities in Malaysia and of course the price level is relatively high compared to others. According to the survey by NUMBEO, it shows that excluding the rental expenses, the cost of living for a single person is around RM2,150 per month and for a family of four is about RM7,663 per month.

The small difference of RM310 in between income and expenses has meant that a web designer must live frugally and avoid any impulsive consumption to prevent the situation of expenses exceeding income. Simply put, if a junior web designer with the average salary of RM2,460 or lower, it might be difficult for him to make a living in Johor Bahru as it doesn’t count the expenses of rent yet.

Overall, the average salary of RM2,460 for web designers in Johor Bahru is not sufficient for living, but this can be increased by experiences and education level.

Average Web Designer Salary – RM2,460

Average Salary – RM3,333

Cost Of Living – RM2,150

Is web design a good career?

Knowing that every career has its pros and cons and there are no exceptions for web designers. So, the question here is whether it is worth pursuing to be a web designer?

Requirements for Web Designers

Becoming a web designer is not that easy and it takes time to become an expert in this field.

As mentioned before, although being good at soft skills is a bonus for web designers, technical skills are a must for a web designer. These hard skills may include HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, web design and others.

In other words, you can’t be a web designer if you lack these skills. Also aware that the salary of web designers is affected by the skills possessed.

Besides that, creativity and having a sense in visual design are equally critical for web designers as they are responsible for the layout and visual site of the websites.

Hence, it is ideal that you master as many technical skills as possible and be creative if you expect to get a high salary as a web designer.

Growing Demand in Web Design

In this era of rapid development, the use of the internet has become a part of our lives. The use of mobile devices and the popularization of e-commerce have led to a continuous increase in website usage.

Companies are transforming their business online to catch up the trend in e-commerce as people are switching from in-store shopping to online nowadays. Creating a website is the first step for companies to transform their business online.

Also, companies are trying to increase their online exposure by creating their own websites to allow users to easily access their company profile and get the information.

Undoubtedly, these all have surged the need for visually appealing websites and in turn, boost the demand in web design. Hence, as we move into the age of digital, there is an increasing demand for web designers around the world, especially after this COVID-19 pandemic.

Flexibility in Work

Web design can be considered as a flexible job as there is no place restriction. This means that you can work wherever you want or even work from home, which has become the new norm after COVID-19 pandemic.

There are only two things a web designer needs for him to do his job:

  1. A computer
  2. Network connection.


Hence, unlike other professional jobs which require you to work at a specific workplace, as a web designer, anywhere can become your workplace as long as you have these two things.

Moreover, not just flexible in terms of working place, a web designer is also allowed to have flexible working hours in most situations. Therefore, it would be a perfect job if you prefer to work freely and not be restricted by your work.

Increasing in Salary

Although the salary of web designers in Johor Bahru is not as high as that of other professionals, it’s still quite a good salary, especially for senior web designers. It is worth mentioning that there is a trend of rapid growth in the salary of web designers compared to other professionals.

According to the source, it is expected that the salary of web designers in Malaysia increase by 11% every 19 months, while there is only a 9% increase in the salary across all professionals in Malaysia for every 17 months.

Apparently, the average salary incremental rate for web designers in Malaysia is higher than the national average salary incremental rate across all professionals. This may indicate that there is a high probability for web designers to increase their salary in the future, especially if the demand for web design remains high.


Despite increasing attention to web design, the average salary of web designers in Johor Bahru is still low.

However, this doesn’t mean it is an unprofitable industry. Instead, this is a field that has made great contributions to society and is constantly evolving.

As web design is an industry with high technical requirements, web designers have to always improve their own technical skills to catch up with the rapidly changing environment.

Eventually, as experiences and knowledge accumulate, the salary will be higher.

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