Top 8 Websites in Johor, Malaysia 2023

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A website can not only serve as a tool to provide information, but also to build reputation and image. With the popularization of the Internet and the development of technology, more and more individuals, social clubs or companies have established their own websites. Owning a website can benefit your company in many ways, including improving brand distinctiveness, visibility, reliability and customers preferences.

There are many things needed to consider when developing a new website. However, the design of a website is the most important part and is what that needs to put in most thoughts and considerations. Take in mind that merely having an appealing layout is not enough for a good website. A good website also needs to combine functionality, usability, accessibility and interactivity. Hence, think wisely how to make the best design for your website to stand out and attract the attention of visitors while also highlighting your products or services at the same time.

I have listed below the top 8 website design idea in Johor, Malaysia in 2023 in which they all have a stylish and eye-catching design that makes themselves outstanding and unique. Each of these websites excels in its own way and seeks to serve a unique purpose. You may take them as an inspiration, combine with your own creativity and currently trending elements for your website design ideas.

Top 8 websites in Johor, Malaysia

Gio Tay Studio

Gio Tay Studio is a freelance designer’s website providing services from print to web in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

As a designer, her website looks personal, stylish and aesthetic which represent her professional role in this industry. Users will be attracted the first time they enter the website because a picture which depicts the designer is used as the main design of the website to create a sense of fun and unique user experiences.

Different from most of the websites, a side navigation menu is used instead of the top navigation menu for easy looking and the contents here are little to keep the interface clean

Again, the layout is relatively simple but very interesting and full of fun. Some floating illustrations are first used to arouse the curiosity of the users and then lead them to click on those illustrations. Obviously, this website is interactive, aesthetically and every detail is merged well together to catch the attention and arouse interest at the same time.

Pineapple Studio

Pineapple studio, a design studio in Johor Bahru that crafts professional brand image for companies. As a design studio firm, having an attractive and stylish website design is critically important as it represents the professionalism and creativity of the firm and also provides customers with reliability.

Unlike other website designs, this website takes an extremely minimalist approach, hence there are only two pages available on the homepage, making it clean and simple, but visually attractive and informative at the same time. The light yellow colour background combined with a pineapple on the homepage clearly shows the name and logo of the firm and also brings a bright feeling to visitors.

When visitors move their mouse to the two black and white pictures at the bottom of the website, these pictures will transform into colour pictures, which increase the interactivity of the website. Undeniably, Pineapple studio is definitely one of the top websites in Johor as it owns an eye-catching and impressive website design.

Gin + Tonic

Gin+ tonic is a branding and digital marketing agency which helps its customers to improve their brand image and in turns generate more sales. An eye-catching website will inspire visitors for sure, a simple design website still stands out because of understanding its potential customers.

Looking through this website you will find out that this website doesn’t have much design or it is simply a website full of information. The only highlight of the website is there is a colourful yet complicated image while the rest of the website only contains fonts accompanied by white background. Gin+ tonic’s website is minimalistic design without any interactive or engaging elements like others have, but it’s website has a focus on providing all necessary and important information to visitors at a glance.

This website uses powerful words to persuade its customers that the firm is able to help to improve brand image rather than having a beautiful website without key information, which is meaningless to the visitors.

Eellizes Wine & Spirit

Eellizes Wine & Spirit is a liquor online store selling various types of wine & spirit that satisfy the demand of consumers for quality and efficiency. Even though you can clearly tell what the company is selling through its company name, it still emphasizes again by popping out the image of the wine on its website.

Throughout the entire website, there is very minimal contents and information available but with a range of wine pictures to arouse the consumers. Eellizes wine & spirit takes a minimalistic approach to e-commerce with a stripped-down site. It incorporates e-commerce elements in the website, such as ‘shop now’ and ‘add to cart’ CTA buttons and navigation menu that leads the consumers to the product pages directly. The overall vision of the website is noble, luxurious and full of functionality.

Most importantly, it without too much complex design and ads that might distract the consumers from choosing the products.


As an interior design company, Hermoso has also successfully managed a beautiful and stylish website for itself. The website creates a unique user experience through a small thought in the interaction and incorporates it into its web design.

The high contrast image between the hand-painted and reality interior design catches the visitors’ eyes immediately when they open the website of Hermoso. Visitors can click and drag the mouse to view either the complete hand-painted image or fully realistic interior design image, which allow them to interact with the site.

The clean and simple design of the website guides visitors to scroll downward through the information about the company and a gallery of their past projects. The combination of high-definition images, typography and aesthetic visual design makes this website stand out and attract the attention of visitors.

Hexa6 Design

Hexa6 design is an interior design company with services including interior design, design & build and project management.

As an interior design company, it’s website is gorgeous and well-designed to give a sense of trust and reliability for its customers. For the homepage background, Hexa6 uses animated effects to demonstrate one of its projects with different angles.

The use of 3D visual and animated effects to demonstrate is interesting and it’s another level in terms of visual effect. This has also immersed the users which cause them to be interested in seeing more about the company’s past design. To catch the user’s attention, every picture in the website is an enchanting shot of the houses the company designs.

The website design is relatively simple to focus on providing high quality pictures of the houses that the company designs and information of the services provided. It can be clearly seen that Hexa6 design has put a lot of effort into managing every single piece on its website to create an extraordinary experience and stand out from the crowd.

Molek Regency

An eye-catching and good website can always add bonus points to a company and increase interest of visitors toward the company.

The website of this freehold serviced residence in Johor Bahru, Molek Regency is just good enough to attract the eyeballs of visitors. The constantly changing images accompanied by fonts highlighting the awards received and facilities & amenities available in apartments on the homepage arouses visitors to discover more about the company.

This is indeed a great example of creating a visually appealing website that highlights the advantages and services in a simple and easy-to-digest way. A gallery of different types of apartments is also there to show the cutting-edge design of apartments and provide a quick view to attract and increase visitors’ interest.

The website of Molek Regency is simple and flat, combined with strong typography and multiple images that helped visitors focus on finding a residence that suits their preferences.

Verona Bridal

Verona Bridal is a Malaysia based company with a team passionate and professional in wedding services. Its website is full of warmth and love that makes the users actively scroll down to the website to see more beautiful images.

This website uses fantastic video, high definition images and background sound effects all together to create a unique experience. Verona Bridal first uses a video of the bride and groom clearly informing the main services of the company. Then, use a gallery of wedding images to show the professional and creative of the company on the skills of photography.

The flow of the website is smooth and the typography is clean which successfully catches the eyes of the users. Unlike other websites which need a lot of words to describe the services or products, Verona Bridal simply uses the images to persuade the users to stay on the website. Finally, those who are interested in the company’s services are welcome to chat with the company on the details through the chat box on the right down corner of the website.

Make your website outstanding

This website has listed the 8 best websites in Johor in 2023 for you to get some ideas on creating your own website or redesign your website in order to stay on the trend and make your audiences stay. These examples are unique in their own way and have provided fresh experiences which enable users to be more willing to spend time reading through their website.

Keep this in mind, website design trends are always changing, what is popular today may not always be popular.

So remember check out design trends before design your website.

Similarly, what is applicable to other websites may not necessarily be applicable to your website. Hence, inspire your creativity and refer to other excellent websites to create a stylish, engaging and premium website to differentiate yourself from your competitors. I hope this article will give you some new ideas and good luck for your website to stand out real soon!

Want to see more ideas?

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