Top 7 Website Designs in Malaysia 2024

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Having a website is no longer enough to compete with others in today’s world as everyone has started doing their business online. There are numerous ways to define whether a website is good, it can be based on the number of visits, web design, security or usability.

The objective of having a website is to engage the users, provide information about the company and be more efficient. Always keep in mind that web designs are always fluid and change rapidly. Thereby, it is vital to keep your website design on trend and improve functionality if needed.

Below are the 7 best websites in Malaysia in which they all are the nominees or winners of Malaysia Website Awards (MWA). MWA is a Malaysia prestigious website awards with the aim of recognizing and rewarding the outstanding performance, talent and the effort of best web developers. There are three categories for contestants to choose which to compete and the winners will be announced every month. Their websites are so incredible and stylish to successfully attract the users to explore more about the company. 

These websites not only incorporate trending elements, but also combine the creativity and deep thinking of web designers to make them outstanding and stunning.

Before designing your website, take a moment to read through the following top 7 websites in Malaysia in 2023. You will find that there are many details you need to think of to make a good website.

Top 7 Website Designs in Malaysia 2024

(the order is not listed by rank)


As soon as visitors open the website of Glinter, they are attracted by its colourful background. The use of rainbow colour as a background combined with playful fonts gives visitors a fresh and pleasant feeling, which is consistent with the feeling their sparkling and fruit juice drinks give people.

With just a little information available on the page, it  arouses the interest of visitors to scroll down and continue to explore more about the brand.

It’s also an interactive website as when you move the mouse on the page, the painted fruits around the product will move as well.

This website is a perfect combination of creativity, animated floating elements and colourful background that enhance visitors engagement and eCommerce functionalities merge into a seamless experience.


Having an outstanding and great design is important for every website, even for a consultancy firm. Priority, a leading public relations and strategic business communication consultancy in Malaysia with an attractive website.

It’s a website with fascinating design, flat colour, eye-catching backgrounds and elements that make it stand out from other sites. The animated fireworks first catch the attention of visitors when they open the site. After the animated fireworks, the animated background combined with constantly changing and dynamic titles grab the attention of visitors again and make them focus on the services the firm provides.

A hamburger menu is available on the top-right of the site, instead of a traditional navigation bar on the top of the site to keep the homepage clean and simple. Priority managed to create a website that blended animations and simple design to offset the complexity of long contents and enhance visitors’ experience.

Scent Solution

Scent solution is an online store which sells affordable perfume with a wide range of brands. 

The smart use of light brown and creamy colours in the background to create a comfort feeling is consistent with the feeling that is brought by the perfume.

The first impression that this website gives to the users is definitely luxury and comfort. Flying-in animation of the fonts is fun and also a live chat section within the webpage engages the users to ask questions anytime.

The following pages do not have much visual design but are still attractive. Typography of the interface is simple and clean to highlight the products and this is exactly the reason why the users came into this website.

Terengganu Football Club

Terengganu football club (TFC) is a professional football club in Terengganu. This website is working to provide information about their club, including latest news and the results of football matches.

 A dark mode design background gives it a cool appearance and the orange font highlights the club’s goal, making it clear to the visitors.

It also includes a call-to-action button at the upper right corner of the site to increase the accessibility of the website and allows users to browse directly to its online store.

The design of this website is simple, but it’s cool and informative at the same time and  incorporates current trending design elements.

The Kuma Store

KUMABABA by the kuma store is an online store that emphasizes on providing spectacular stationery to its customers.

The design of the website uses a simple white colour background and with lots of product image to focus on what it offers and what it wants to let the users know about. The home page content is changing over time which brings the attention of the users to scroll down the website and explore more about the store at the same time.

The design of the website is relatively simple, with a flat background, exquisite product images and detailed descriptions of the products to persuade the buyer to press the CTA button.

The search bar is also included in the website which makes it easy and time saving for buyers to directly search what they are looking for, this in turn creates a better buyer experience throughout the overall shopping.


As a trusted industrial technology provider that serves customers in various industries, Valoraz offers visitors with a very unique and immersive experience on its website. It takes a bold approach with an animated background, leveraging typography and a dynamic website to make its website outstanding.

A creative combination of animation and 3D visual give visitors an incredibly engaging experience from the moment they click into the company website. Valoraz also created an out-of-the-box navigation experience on its website to maintain the usability. With a minimalist design concept and keeping the website simple and clean, it created a few CTA buttons that bring visitors to another page to arouse them to explore more about the company.

The stunning animation in 3D effect, flat colour and high-quality images bring depth to the website and capture visitors’ experience precisely.

Wiitrac Elevator

Wiitrac is an award winning brand that specialises in design lift for home and public space. Undoubtedly, the webpage design is high quality and stylish.

Using a 3D dynamic elevator as the background to make users feel as if they are inside the elevator. For better visual appearances, it uses a side navigation menu instead of the top navigation menu and a live chat box is always there to reach and help the users.

Other than that, the attractive homepage design leads users to scroll down and explore more about the brand. A gallery of  past projects provides a quick view and detailed information can only be seen when you click on the picture of each project.

This website is visually appealing, stylish, immersive, engaging and interactive that subsequently resulted in creating a unique experience for the users.

Build your website with creativity

Having a website for yourself and your company is crucial in today’s digital world. A well-designed yet attractive website can always leave a deep impression on visitors and differentiate you from your competitors.

It’s always great to get ideas and inspiration before designing your website to make the process effective. These are some examples of websites that are amazing, impressive and functional in Malaysia that you can take as your springboard, combine with your creativity to develop or revolutionize your website to make it stand out from other websites.

If you’re out of ideas, take some time to look through this blog, get ideas from these top websites, and incorporate current trending web design elements and creativity into your design to build a unique and impressive website.

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