The Must Have for florist website design and best example in Malaysia

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You’re a florist. You love what you do. You make beautiful flower arrangements, and you know that your customers appreciate the effort and care that goes into them.

But there’s something missing: an online delivery service.

You think about it all the time—how to bring your business into the 21st century, how to reach more people, how to be more competitive with other florists in the area. But then you remember that you don’t have a website.

Why Floral Industry Need A E-Commerce Website?

  • According to IBISWorld, the online flower shops Market Size is $5 Billion USD, and is expected to grow roughly 6.3% over the next five years.
  • Right now there are average 25,860 searches for “florist online delivery” every month in Malaysia.

Data source from Google Keyword Planner – June 2022

The reason behind this growth is that customers are becoming more aware about their options and are always on the lookout for something new and innovative. With so much competition in the market, it has become very important for businesses to not only focus on their business but also keep up with technology.

One of the ways to stay ahead of the competition is through e-commerce websites. Today, most people prefer buying flowers online as it saves time and money. Customers can easily choose from a wide range of flowers without having to drive all over town looking for them and they don’t have to pay high shipping charges either. 

So, if you own a flower shop or any other business that sells flowers then you need an e-commerce website so that you can get your products delivered directly to your customers’ doorsteps!

In this blog we’ll give you all the information you need about must-have features and elements for florist website.

And we’ll break into three parts. In the first part, I will explain what is the 6 Must Have Design And Elements For Florist Website.

In the second part, we’ll talk about 6 Must Have Features For Florist Website.

Finally, we’ll show you some of the best examples.

Table of Contents

6 Must Have Design And Elements For Florist Website

  1. Custom design, don’t use template!
  2. High quality product images
  3. Customer review
  4. Return and refund policy
  5. Contact details
  6. Better category design

1. Custom Design, Don’t Use Template!

We understand that every florist wants to make their products look beautiful and feel creative.

If you want your customers to be blown away by your flowers and your website, then you need a custom web design that makes them feel as good as their bouquet does.

Please don’t build an ugly website to display your products. You deserve something custom-made and unique just for you!

2. High Quality Product Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the images on your website are the first thing customers see when they visit. They should be high-quality, professional photos that show off the unique features of your flowers.

But it’s not just about making sure the product looks good—you also want to make sure that your images are optimized for SEO and social media sharing purposes.

That means providing multiple angles and close-ups of each flower arrangement so that customers can see exactly what they’ll be getting before placing their order. It also means using keywords in the caption and description fields so that Google knows what products are being displayed in those particular photos!

And finally, it means including text links within each photo so that people can click through directly from Pinterest or Instagram into your shop page where they can complete their purchase with ease (and without having to search around for hours trying to find where their favorite flowers were from).

3. Customer Review

Customer reviews are the best way to maintain a strong reputation and build trust with potential customers.

When you have good reviews, it shows potential customers that people like your flowers and that they’re happy with their experience. But when you have bad reviews, it can be hard to combat the negative press.

It’s important to respond quickly to both positive and negative reviews so that you can address any issues or problems that may be causing a customer to leave a review in the first place.

4. Return And Refund Policy

Return and refund policy are important for florist ecommerce website because it is the only way to ensure customer satisfaction.

For example, if a customer orders a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to their home and the delivery person arrives with the wrong flowers, they will be disappointed and likely not order from you again. This is why we need to have a clear return policy so that if something like this happens, the customer knows they can easily get their money back.

5. Contact Details

Contact details are important for florist website because:

  • Customers want to be able to contact you with questions about their orders or other questions about your services.
  • You can use the contact details on your site to get new customers, by including a link to drive traffic to your social media channels, where you can engage with them and build relationships.

6. A Good Category Structure

One thing that can affect customer experience is the design of your product categories. If a visitor can’t find what they’re looking for, or if they don’t understand how to find it, then they’re going to leave your site and go somewhere else. And that’s just no good!

So here are some things to keep in mind when designing your product categories:

  • Your categories should be easy to navigate. Don’t just throw everything into one category and expect people to figure out how it works on their own—make sure there’s clear labeling and navigation so people don’t get lost.
  • Make sure that each category has only one type of product in it. This will help visitors find what they’re looking for faster and easier than if there are multiple types of products mixed up together in one category

According to the site - Technavio , the floriculture market in Malaysia is expected to grow by USD 220.97 million from 2021 to 2026.

6 Must Have Features For Florist Website

  1. E-Commerce feature
  2. Delivery date options
  3. Customized message card
  4. Product variation
  5. Inventory control
  6. Delivery price calculation

1. E-Commerce feature

Like I mentioned at the first part, the demand for online services is skyrocketing.

It’s no surprise that e-commerce features are becoming a staple for florists. This way, florists can reach out to more customers and broaden their business horizons.

But what is e-commerce?

E-commerce is an electronic system of selling products and services over the Internet. It’s a fast and convenient way to purchase goods and services. E-commerce allows businesses to expand their reach beyond physical boundaries. Whether you’re trying to sell flowers, cakes or even groceries, e-commerce can help!

2. Delivery Date Options

Don’t you hate it when you order flowers for someone, and then they don’t get them on the day you wanted? What’s even worse is when you just assume that the delivery will be made on time, but then the florist calls to say that your order was canceled. You feel like a fool—and your significant other feels like a fool because they never got their flowers.

That’s why we’ve added delivery date options to our website. Now, when you place your order, you can choose a specific date and time for delivery (and even add a custom message to your gift card!). This way, if something happens with your order and it needs to be rescheduled, you’ll know right away—instead of having it forgotten in the middle of nowhere!

3. Customized Message Card

Customers love being able to personalize their gifts, and you know that your business thrives on customer satisfaction. It’s important for your customers to be able to purchase a gift online and have it delivered with a customized message from them. This ensures that they feel involved in the giving experience and are able to express themselves in a way that’s meaningful to them.

4. Product Variation

Product variations are different versions of the same product. For instance, if you have a bouquet that comes in three colors, those would be variations.

These allow users to choose what kind of flower they’d like to buy, and then see what that choice looks like when added to their cart. This is especially important if you sell flowers in bulk, because it allows customers to see how much they’re actually spending on their order—and how many flowers they’ll get out of it.

5. Inventory Control

It may seem like a small thing, but inventory management can be the difference between a smooth business and one that’s constantly running on the edge of disaster.

If you’re not tracking your inventory and keeping up with it, you are leaving yourself open to three major problems:

  1. You will lose money by selling products that aren’t in stock when customers come in to buy them.
  2. You will run out of products at peak times (or during holidays) and miss out on revenue that could have been yours.
  3. You will have to spend time managing your inventory instead of focusing on your customers and their needs, which means you’ll lose money there too (and probably more than you’ll save from not having to restock!).

6. Delivery Price Calculation

When comes to online delivery, it can be tough to keep track of your delivery prices. Every time you make a delivery, you have to do the math in your head and figure out how much you should charge for the cost of your flowers and the cost of delivery. It’s a lot of work, and it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re doing it all by hand.

Our software helps florists calculate delivery prices automatically and accurately, so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve got the right price or discount.

Some Of The Best Examples For Florist Websites

In conclusion

A lot of businesses will get stuck on what they think is the most important feature or element to make their website successful. We believe that this is a mistake because the best websites contain many different elements and features that work together to create an amazing customer experience.

If you ever need help with your online store, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re experts at making ecommerce stores for florists.

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