How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website in Malaysia (2024) ?

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Cost to make a website in Malaysia can range from RM1,000 to RM200,000

Everyone knows the importance of having a website and how it can help business growth, but only few know the specific process of creating a website and the decision needed to make. 


Have you ever been curious about the actual costs of creating a website in Malaysia? Basically, it costs around RM1,000-RM200,000 to make a website in Malaysia. Apart from this, you might need to pay for the hosting and SEO fees every month if you wish to have those functions for your website, which costs you between RM100-RM500 per month. 


It is worth noting why the price range gap can be so huge. This enormous difference in prices depends on the website development, website design and website maintenance categories, such as the complexity of the design and its functionality. 


The process of creating a website is very interesting as you are able to make your idea realistic. You can personalise the theme, have customized functions and everything you want on your website. 


From the table below, it shows some major parts of creating a website and these all decide the total costs of the website. Simply put, there is no standard price for a website because it is more like a customised service, everyone has their own preferences and hence the costs are different as well.

Website Cost BreakdownCost
DomainRM30 - RM200
Website HostingRM120 - RM2,900
Content Management System (CMS)RM0 - RM60,000+
SEO RM700 - RM5,000 per month
Website MaintenanceRM50 - RM500+ per month
Ecommerce Functionality RM2,000 - RM20,000
Website Content RM700 - RM20,000
Website Design RM0 - RM80,000+
Database Integration RM20,000 - RM100,000 per integration
MultimediaRM1,000 - RM40,000

Malaysia website cost factors

The table above illustrates the most basic elements required to set up a website, which all combine together to create a visually, functional and informative website that reflects your ideal website. 


Of course, there are even more features available if you wish to implement on your website but with extra charges. You might find that some of them might be free of charge, such as website design and CMS because it’s based on whether you want to have a customised website design or just the basic design. 


The most expensive part of building a website is the database integration which costs up to RM100,000. In contrast, the cheapest part is the domain name which only costs you up to RM200 and this can be ignored if you don’t want it on your website. Overall, the costs of starting a website business in Malaysia depends on the type of website and the features required. It is hard to tell the total costs of building a website. Hence, spend your money on the most important features that your website needs to create a quality website for your business!

Why Does Website Cost Vary So Much?

As mentioned above, it usually costs RM1,000-RM200,000 to build a website in Malaysia. But why is there such a huge discrepancy in pricing between these websites that is essentially the same product? 

In fact, the choice of website development type is the main reason that leads to the difference in pricing. Website costs vary largely depending on the type of site you need and the way you build it.

There are two main ways to build a website:

  1. DIY yourself
  2. Hire a professional web designer. 


Following are the details of these two website development methods and their respective price.

DIY Yourself - Website Builder

Website builder is a tool that takes a drag-and-drop concept to build a website. It is the cheapest way to build a website and is suitable for personal websites or portfolios. The price range for using a website builder is from free to RM119 monthly. Basically, the cost of using a website builder includes a monthly subscription fee, domain name and optional additional apps, and the theme of websites is usually free. 

You must be curious why the price can be so low? Is it reliable? The reason here is that the website builders only have limited customized options available, such as limited functions, template design and poor SEO. 

There are many website builders available online, such as Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. All of these have their own key features and have different types of paid plans. The most basic free plan here is only suitable for those who just want to try out to build a website as it normally only has little features, no e-commerce features and no custom domain. 

You get what you pay for. If you need a high quality website, it is recommended to get a suitable paid plan to make it look more professional.

Hire a Web Designer

Basically, the website development cost of hiring a website designer is higher than using a website builder to build your website. So, how much does it cost to hire a web designer? The answer is: it will cost you about RM1,000 to as high as RM200,000

The biggest difference between website builders and web designers is that website designers help create your website truly yours which is impossible to be done by using website builders. Whether you require hand-drawn fonts, specific features or even specific arrangement of elements on your website, website designers can fulfill your needs and wants to make it unique in the world. 

Moreover, website designers can provide you with some professional advice or suggestions to make your website more visually appealing and functional. This professional advice is definitely worth the money you pay if you have found a good website designer. 

Here is a breakdown of what costs are involved when hiring a web designer.

Cost involved hiring a web designer:

  • Setup
  • Design & Building
  • Content Creation
  • Training to use it
  • Maintenance


Apart from this, the salary of a website designer is also a key factor that affects the cost of building a website. If you hire a web designer to build your website, you definitely need to pay them for their professional knowledge, experience and creativity. Check out this blog to find out the web designer salary in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Undoubtedly, if you take all these factors into consideration, you will know why it costs you more to hire a web designer to build a website. 

Hiring a web designer to build the website is best for those who need a very complex website. The cost of hiring a web designer is expensive, but it is worth it if your goal is to establish an impressive website for your business. A website builder only offers a very little website and most of them look like lots of other sites. However, a web designer will help you to build your own unique website and make it stand out from the competition. With the professionalism of a web designer, you will get a high-quality website that provides a seamless experience for your website visitors and leave a deep impression.

Packages Price
Basic (1 landing page) RM1,000 – RM1,350
Template Design (5 pages) RM2,000 – RM2,800
Customised Design (5 pages) RM3,500 – RM4,500
Customised Design (10 pages) RM5,000 – RM7,500
Custom-made Design RM8,000 – RM200,000
E-commerce RM4,000+

Explore Our Customised Design Websites (NO Template)

Customised design can bring 250% more conversions.

Here is a list that gives you a rough idea of how much it costs for different types of website designs. Generally, you will find that there are few website design packages offered by different web design companies.

These packages have different price levels and are suitable for different sizes of business, such as micro business, enterprise and e-commerce. Normally, the prices of these packages depend on the features available, for instance the pages of a website, CMS and SEO. If you want to know more, check out the Malaysia Website Pricing for details.

Website Maintenance Cost in Malaysia

Other than the one-time costs of building a website, website owners usually need to pay the ongoing monthly or yearly maintenance costs for the better user experiences. Even if the current website is good enough for you to establish the business or company profile, you have to keep your website updated and sometimes increase the functions needed. Maintenance costs included security updates and bug fixes, SEO ranking, update graphics and photos, data backup and more. Some of these have to be done monthly, while some only have to be done yearly.

How much does a website cost per month or per year?

Generally, the ongoing website maintenance costs will cost you RM30-RM800 monthly or RM360-RM9,600 yearly to keep your website up and running. For e-commerce websites, they might need to maintain their website weekly or monthly to provide the latest products or services information and improve the functions and accessibility of their website. Thus, they need to pay higher maintenance costs to ensure the website is user-friendly and meets the consumers expectations. 


The maintenance costs of the website differ from companies and they have various maintenance packages targeted at specific customers. The difference between these packages including the man-power hours, number of new pages provided, number of updates, domain name and website hosting. So, ensure you choose the packages that suit you the most and get your website updated regularly. 


Here are the typical maintenance packages that web design companies offer:








RM500-RM999/ yearly

RM500- RM599/ monthly

RM800- RM1,000/ monthly

RM1,000- RM1,599/ monthly

Man hours

2 hours

8 hours

8 hours


Total update

4 updates

4 updates

4 updates

6 updates

Create new pages





Back up





Write new articles



2-6 articles per month

4 articles per month

Malaysia Website Maintenance Packages


In short, the cost to build a website can vary depending on how complex the website design is, the functionality and features of the website and the way you build it. Also, the ongoing monthly cost is unavoidable to keep a website running.


Regardless of your budget, there must be a way for you to build a website that will meet your needs and goals. 


However, take note that the website is the face of a company in the online world and represents a company image. Hence, building an attractive yet functional website is absolutely important for any business. If you really wish it could lead and boost your sales, it is recommended to get a web designer to build your website, even if the cost will be higher.

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